Products, Services & Implementation Strategy

Lincoln & Hill, as a community revitalizer; we focus on three concepts related to training: documentation services, training & development services and training consultations.


All Lincoln & Hill's products and services are geared towards or parallel our primary services. We work to resolve the 21st Century pain points for potential, current, and future employees. For Lincoln & Hill to address these pain points we emphasize building relationship, stacking knowledge across silos, and creating transferable and evolving experiences throughout our strategic motto: "Survive-Strive-Thrive"



Survive [Having individuals Scale IN, helps them to improve their work quality, skills, knowledge, and personal development]

Strive [Having individuals Amp UP, helps them to improve capacity, employability, productivity, and organizational environment development] 

Thrive [Producing a Ripple OUT, helps to duplicate individual effective competencies; moving the organization towards self-sustainable]


Training & Consultations
Capacity Building
Training Types
Training Subjects
Group Discussion
Community Revitilazation
Core Processing 

  • SURVIVE [ = Scale-IN]

    • Check-Points - Assessing where individuals, neighborhoods, or organizations stand; determining their needs to consult or document training & development processes to obtain a new outcome. 


  • STRIVE [ = Amp-UP]

    • Driving-Lanes - Orchestrating the most direct route to accomplish the new outcome; using the processes, curriculum, and training approach documented to get individuals, neighborhoods, or organizations to their desired destination. 


  • Thrive [ = Ripple-OUT]

    • Choke-Point - Expanding our training & development influence throughout the ecosystem tactically through controlling the replication and alignment of our processes, training, and documents. The alignment allows Lincoln & Hill to create a pipeline to the next generation of leaders & organizations.

Strategic Implementation 

FOUR ways to intergate our products and/or services into your organization or program to address your training & development needs. 


  1. Individual use

    • purchase & practice at self-pace

  2. Individual use with support

    • purchase & practice at self-pace with situational support

  3. New Hire Mentoring 

    • Contract for personal coaching through required materials 

  4. New Hire Onboarding

    • Contract for intense onboarding for new hires or current associates 

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Lincoln & Hill 

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Community Revitilazation

Lincoln & Hill supports community revitalization through volunteering and paying it forward in disadvantaged areas.