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Our unified viewpoint of "SURVIVE-STRIVE-THRIVE", helps us reverberate one message throughout our organization, trainings, and materials to individuals, neighborhoods, and organizations aligned with us. The compounding effect creates a deeper impact for a lasting imprint by Lincoln & Hill as a result. The below curriculum provides a snapshot of customized training courses available through the Lincoln & Hill's training suite. A complete list is available through our shop.
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Burning Time
Burning Time:
wisely or wastefully

This curriculum is designed to help introduce ideas of better management of time, while coaching principles and practices to be more productive with your time. Each reader that completes this curriculum is better equipped to handle situations while time elapses

Sof Skill Muscles
Soft Skill Muscles

This curriculum helps learners develop, then know their personal attributes which enables them to interact efficiently and harmoniously with individuals, members of a department, team or organization. 21st Century employers seeking balanced employees, it become abundantly clear Soft-skills complement Hard-skills; however, neither can stand alone anymore, therefore they both must be developed appropriately.

Fathers of Courag
Fathers of Courage:
strengthen by grace

This gender-specific developmental training course equips males with relevant tools and skills to successfully learn or refresh their commitment to God through manhood leading to fatherhood.






Message to Me, Myself & I 

This curriculum helps understand how thinking, words, obligation to self & choices influence and impact cognitive dissonance and self-actualization. The context behind these ideas & materials highlight that all interpersonal & personal interactions contribute to the perpetuation of the self-actualizing process.



Bounce Back
Bounce Back
regrouping with resiliency to win

"Bounce Back" is the terminology we coined as the act of regrouping when life and all its circumstances have knocked you down...but you 're able to get UP stronger and win!

This curriculum is designed to highlight stackable experiences & developmental skills to resiliency building for those with disproportionate cognitive dissonance. Without guidance those experiences create the potential for improper responding to life’s challenges.





an urban taboo 

This curriculum helps understand how dysfunction unaddressed over a period becomes normalcy for individuals or families; which manifest in future relationships. The purpose of this curriculum is bringing awareness and dialogue to break the cycle of non-communication or miscommunication on issues and circumstances that are affecting the institution of family; more specifically urban families.


Modeling Manhod

Modeling Manhood:

journey of a lifetime

This developmental training course showcases to its readers the transformation of individual male’s from "boyhood" to "manhood and beyond" & the obstacles many face during their growth and transition based on authentic manhood principles.





Leadership Indoctrination 

A leadership initiative to resuscitate hope back into youth or young adults; in every community, through a process, we coined as "Building Nouns". Within building nouns, we follow four distinctive leadership pillars named "CESR" (cultivate, edify, stimulate, and reiterate). This training focuses on developing leaders; starting with introducing ideas, teaching principles and coaching change in the individual decision-making process.



Rat Race Repellent
Rat Race Repellent

"Rat Race Repellent" is our terminology for preparing individuals to operate outside the confines & traps of the corporate system.

This curriculum is designed to help individuals to visualize, prepare & elevate themselves into the career direction of their choice. The foundation of the training in planning, implementing and evaluating employability skills is built with an emphasis on developing entrepreneurial pivots points.


I Meant, to LOVE You
I meant to LOVE you

This relationship analysis training series overviews how to determine, prepare, or reevaluate the individual understanding of relationships and love through God's perspective.


The accompanying workbooks foster the mastery of gender-specific roles in man to woman unions from a biblical viewpoint.


Unclog te Drain
Unclog the Drain:
clearing a pipeline to financial empowerment

This economic empowerment training series explains to its readers the consumer pitfalls and marketing strategies to avoid wastefully draining resources.

This series also places an emphasis on building generational wealth and asset protection through ownership and other economically and consumer savvy techniques.

Silo Destroyer

Silo Destroyer

Synergy in Learning 

Many educator's construct their own teaching world to accomplish their mission of educating students, however those practices lead to isolation. That isolation results in what is called the "the silo effect". This curriculum helps learners create their own synergy in learning by knowing what a silo is, understanding how to recognize a silo, and how to combat the effects of a silo through pivot points which fosters interdisciplinary learning.



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