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The training & development paradigm has shifted beyond the traditional classroom walls, but its importance is even more prevalent in our digital & global society. To accomplish these basic emerging skill needs, everyone has (our typical participants are 18 to 25 but we welcome 13 to 17) to access this resource to earn digital credentials through Lincoln & Hill on a virtual training platform. The platform is affiliated with Collective Shift through LRNG; to broaden our reach and desire to help individuals develop their personal KNOWLEDGE BANK's. At the click of a button, a multitude of experiences (XPs) is available to be accessed and completed. Along the self-educating or personal development journey achieving XPs that lead to earning digital credentials is called gaining "merit badges". These badges unlock other learning opportunities while enhancing your knowledge bank. In addition, to earning Lincoln & Hill's merit badges; the digital credentials indicate completion of the curriculum across our product suite. Once complete, merit badges are displayable to organizations, showing your initiative to attain 21st Century skills outside the normal venues and before it's commonplace.


Here’s how you can get started:

STEP 1 – Based on this informal invitation to created your LRNG user/learner account. 

(*sometimes these invites get bumped to JUNK/SPAM folders, too). Register.

STEP 2 - Once you’ve registered, go to or search for Lincoln & Hill on the general dashboard.

STEP 3 - Discover various XPs to complete. These are related to the different Lincoln & Hill training series.

STEP 4 - Complete each XP and unlock new learning opportunities. When XPs are connected they form a Playlist, and once completed & approved, you get the credential or Merit Badge. Accomplish XPs and attain merit badges from your mobile device or laptop. Not only are you developing your skills and network, but you are also growing a portfolio of experiences. Each credential can be uploaded to your LinkedIn account to share with your professional network.   

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